Monday, April 28, 2008

I am now GLOCAL's Cooordinator...

Here is a photoshopped portrait of me hovering over the plaza where GLOCAL has established its first virtual footprints in Second Life...

Here is an extreme close up of me hovering over the Canada in SL retail plaza.

Hey there,

You have not heard from me on this blog for over a year...that is because I have been in and out of RL employment.

I am now settling in as the Project Coordinator for GLOCAL -which is a project hosted by the Surrey Art Gallery's Techlab and is comprised of 3 New Media artists: Sylvia Grace Borda, Jer Thorp and M. Simon Levin.

Some of you might know me by other avatar names but if you wish to speak to me about GLOCAL, Newton is your main man!

Here are some pictures taken a couple days ago of my very first ventures into SL as their GLOCAL Coordinator.

I will also be cross-blogging on the official GLOCAL blog so feel free to read more details there...

Here are some more photos for you detailing the pre-history of planning the GLOCAL SITE (before I created the fancy Glocal pants)...

At first, we were unsure about placing any GLOCAL promotion into this region of Second Life since there were a lot of adult-oriented retail stores in the mall area of the property that we were speculating. On further reflection, we realized that most of Second Life is full of adult-oriented retail stores and so having a non-profit community project nearby would not be completely out of context ;-) However, we certainly had to find a plot of land for us within this "Canada in SL" property that would be a little "discretely positioned".

So, we followed the Real-Estate agent known as Raine Renard (Debi Jackson in RL) down a discretely positioned elevator and headed down to the office catacombs where we might possibly co-exist with some corporations (such as Telus) and other non-profits. This picture is a nice aerial view of the entire area.

Here is that picture of Raine showing me the actual elevator that I had previously described.

...and now we are back at the very top of the plaza where we are currently planning to place the official GLOCAL billboard...

Here is a more scenic view of the billboard site (water included) with Debi/Raine.

OK OK!... What can I say? I like playing with photoshop ;-) This is a another view from the platform for the billboard peering into the plaza.

Here is a nice close-up view for you...YAAAAY!



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