Thursday, March 8, 2007

Breaking News: Newton Dinzeo awaits orders from his Bureau Chief and CEO

Yes, I am sitting on the job waiting for my job to be official.
I hope to be meeting up with my Bureau Chief and my CEO very soon in order to set up the correct reporting protocol in order to give you the best quality embedded reporting in Second Life.

There is always some fantastic event happening in SL every minute but I need to know what they consider to be a truly "newsworthy" story that can cross over into the mainstream and RL (Real Life) News feeds.

In the meantime, I will check my email on this laptop and conference space donated by Starsong Fashion designs owned by Kitten Ouachita in Betria Prime...

Who knows? Maybe this laptop has Second Life installed? ;-)

So, you might get some minor reporting from me but nothing too sensational until I have a better idea about my job description...more soon!

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